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About me

Tomasz Baranczuk

I am a Sailor, kitesurfer, water and winter sports enthusiast. You will likely find me where the sun shines and the wind blows, or alternatively, where the snow has just fallen. Since a very young age my life have been associated with water, my first sailing voyage was at the tender age of eleven months. I do not personally remember much of this voyage, however I do know that being exposed to this kind of life style has influenced me greatly thoughout my life, as I am now a very competent sailor and continue to sail in my free time.


There after I developed a passion for windsurfing, snowboarding and then I discovered kitesurfing. More recently I have been spending most of my time developing my skills as a kite boarder and kite foiler. I love to travel around the world, provide kite training, snowboard training and organise sailing trips. You can follow me on the tab today and tomorrow’ to see where I am currently staying and what my next plans are.



In 2007 my first role as a windsurf instructor was in Rewa near Gdynia. I am now a very competent windsurf rider and instructor. During my time in Rewa, I also developed a range of kitesurfing skills and in 2012 I qualified as a kitesurfing instructor.

However, sailing has continued to remain very close to my heart. I was involved in several cruises in the Baltic and North Sea, which strengthened my sailing passion. At this time, I developed skills for sailing in the open sea, so much so that in 2012 I obtained a patent for the Yacht Maritime Navigation. One year later I organised my own first independent sailing cruise on the sea.

One of my other passions is engaging in snow related activities during winter seasons. I am no ‘sleeping Beauty’ and am always active. When the nearby lake at my home in Poland freezes and the snow starts to fall, I immediately get organised for snow kiting. This passion extends to the top of the mountain slopes, where since 2010 I have been involved in running snowboard training sessions.


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Tomasz Barańczuk
/ +48 602 235 551