Have a fun with kite and board on the water. Kitesurfing every year get more, and more popular. Find out what is the phenomen and join the addicted group from the sun and waves.


Hel Peninsula is the best place in Poland for learning and practicing kitesurfing. Shallow water makes it also one of the safest and most comfortable choices for the first lesson on a European scale.




Kitesurfing is a group of etreme sports, but not very difficult. It is important to start learning under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Since 2008 I trained a lot of people, in different countries (more information can be found in tabs about me and experience ).The knowledge I gained helped me improve my training system. Usually the instructor follows the student during the exercise in the water. Unfortunately, in the early stages of learning you will be drifting heavily becouse the wind pushes you in the direction that is blows. It ends with long walk against the wind. By choosing training with me you can forgot about it. I follow you on a motorboat, which means that you will spend much more time with the kite in your hands, because you will not lose the time in the process of returning to the point where you started. In this way, you save your time and money, because your progress is faster. During lesson you have attached walkie-talkie radio to your helmet, so you can hear clearly all my instructions.


One class takes 2,5 hour. This is the optimal time for you to improve your skills and learn new elements.

The first thing to do is learn how to control the kite. The second time you will discover the body drag and start the exercise with the board. The third lesson is the first riding on board. Each next block is about practicing your riding skills and learning additional elements. During ouer session I am filming you so we can do video – analysis and you get some nice movie 😉 . I am a licensed IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) instructor, so when you complete the course you will receive a certificate confirming your level of kitesurfing.

You need to know that my goal is to train safe and independent kitesurfer with maximum fun.



1 person in group of 2 persons
1 lesson (2,5 h) 99 EUR 70 EUR
2 lessons (5 h) 185 EUR 130 EUR
4 lessons (10 h) 340 EUR 235 EUR
5 lessons (12,5 h) 395 EUR 270  EUR

Booking and questions:


phone/whatsapp: +48 602 235 551


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